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For digital
growth companies

Possehl Digital is a  reliable partner for digital growth companies.

Possehl Digital as a holding company is one of ten independent business divisions of the Possehl Group, whose 100% shareholder is the non-profit Possehl Foundation.

The Possehl Digital division focuses on investments in digital companies with capital provided by the Group's liquidity and not from a fund structure.

Possehl Digital's investments are intended to support the Group, which is dominated by medium-sized companies, in its digital transformation where possible and appropriate.

The Possehl Group, founded over 175 years ago, is a group of companies with more than 100 different business models, characterized by an industrial, medium-sized DNA.

Possehl Digital can act freely and take minority and majority stakes. There is no EXIT pressure and no "revenue hockey stick" expectation due to the existing structure.

The Group is headed by a lean Group holding company that is managed on a decentralized basis and thus relies heavily on the entrepreneurial skills of its 220 consolidated Group companies and investments - co-owners are more than welcome.

Possehl Digital supports the growth of its portfolio through credentials, customer access, synergies and shared services.

Through our group intern “digital ecosystem” business opportunities are transparent and accessible. The access to decision makers is given.

Our guidelines for investments.

We are looking for digital companies that are older than 2-3 years and already generate more than EUR 1 million in revenue.

Our search fields focus lays on a targeted transformation along the value chain.


Search fields that
we focus on

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