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Possehl Digital is one of 10 independent business units of the Lübeck-based Possehl Group with over 200 medium-sized companies.


Possehl Digital aims to drive digital transformation from SMEs for SMEs and invest or create partnerships with digital solutions along the main value chain or key support processes for industrial SMEs.



Our Goals.

Sustainable Growth

We focus on sustainable growth of our portfolio companies and partnerships.

Our Mission.

Digital Companies

As a smart shareholder, we support young and established digital companies through investments or enter into partnerships with them.


Our Target Picture.

We bring together the needs of digital companies and SMEs.

Possehl Haus 2016.jpg

Possehl Digital as a part of the Possehl Group.

With more than 200 group companies and investments serving over 100 different business models, the Possehl Group embodies an industrial and medium-sized DNA. Now in existence for 175 years, the Possehl Group forms a lean group holding company that is managed decentrally according to the principle of bottom-line accountability. The companies of the Possehl Group are diverse and range from small to larger medium-sized enterprises.

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Possehl Digital GmbH

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