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Possehl Digital – We invest in relevant digital tech companies, providing the industrial mid-sized sector with access to suitable digital offerings.


Possehl Digital, part of the Lübeck-based Possehl Group with over 200 medium-sized industrial companies, invests in relevant digital technology companies. This provides the group and the industry with access to suitable digital offerings, thereby making a significant contribution to the future viability of the industrial mid-sized sector.

Who are we?

The Possehl Digital team is made up of highly qualified experts with strong expertise in the areas of digital transformation in industrial SMEs, technologies, growth and scaling of digital business models. With a mix of strategic vision and operational excellence, we drive the digital agenda and development goals for Possehl Digital, our subsidiaries, the Possehl Group and the industrial SME sector in the DACH region. Our work is characterized by a pragmatic approach, innovative solutions and goal-oriented implementation.

You can find out more about the company history of the Possehl Group on the following page: Company history

Our Goals

We make a significant contribution to the digital future viability of the industrial mid-sized sector and actively support our investments in growing and scaling their business models.

Sustainable Growth

As a smart shareholder, we actively support our portfolio companies in their growth strategy.

Digital Transformation

With our investments and partnerships, we support the medium-sized Possehl Group and the industrial mid-sized sector in their digital transformation.

Our two target groups

Possehl Digital understands the challenges faced by SMEs and digital companies alike and creates a win-win-win situation by connecting these groups.

Digital Companies

We work with growth-oriented digital companies through investments and partnerships and actively support them in implementing their strategy.

Industrial mid-sized sector

We support mid-sized companies in their digital transformation through our investments and partnerships.

Our Target Picture

We align the needs of digital companies and mid-sized businesses, thereby making a significant contribution to the future viability of the industrial mid-sized sector and the sustainable growth of digital companies.

Possehl Digital, as part of the Possehl Group, is closely intertwined with the critical issues facing the industrial mid-sized sector.

With more than 200 Group companies and shareholdings serving over 100 different business models, the Possehl Group embodies an industrial and medium-sized DNA.

Now 175 years old, the Possehl Group is a lean group holding company that is managed on a decentralized basis according to the principle of “bottom-line accountability”. The companies in the Possehl Group are diverse and range from small to large SMEs. In 2023, we generated almost 5.8 billion in sales.

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