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Intelligent Automation

Große Gallusstraße 16-18
60312 Frankfurt am Main

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DataSpark is a Frankfurt-based provider of AI-based solutions and services for intelligent process automation and advanced data analytics.

DataSpark accompanies its customers in deriving the full benefit from the application of Artificial Intelligence, creating significant added value in the areas of Intelligent Automation and Advanced Analytics. DataSpark's team of experts identifies the appropriate use cases for its clients and translates them into innovative solutions. By applying the latest machine learning approaches specifically designed for problems with multi-structured data and different interfaces, DataSpark solves even challenging use cases that were previously considered unsolvable with conventional software solutions.

RPA is the start of your

Intelligent Automation Journey

Take the next step on your robotic process automation journey. The combination of Robotic Process Automation, Workflow Management, Artificial Intelligence and Human Machine Interaction enables intelligent automation - even for complex processes.

Whether it's simplifying time-consuming manual tasks, seamlessly integrating different systems and interfaces, or optimizing document-intensive workflows - we specialize in meeting these challenges. 

With our AI-based solutions for intelligent process automation, we push the boundaries of what is possible. Turn inefficient processes into competitive advantages with DataSpark.


Gain valuable insights from your data with advanced analytics

In an increasingly competitive market environment, it is crucial for companies to anticipate the needs of customers and business partners and stay one step ahead of the competition. 

To gain the insights needed for this, we use analysis methods based on machine learning and apply them to known as well as previously untapped data sources. We support you with our expertise and AI-based solutions to make data-driven business decisions and act with foresight in an increasingly volatile market environment.

Draw on DataSpark's years of experience from numerous projects in various industries and disciplines to take your analytics strategy to the next level.

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