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Augmented Reality

Albert-Einstein-Str. 30

49076 Osnabrück


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The Team

The Osnabrück-based software company Bitnamic specializes in location-independent service collaboration solutions in the field of industrial maintenance and has also been working on the potential applications of augmented reality in industry for several years.


The core product is the remote service solution bitnamic CONNECT, which allows customers or field service technicians to connect with product experts from customer service for quick problem solving in the event of maintenance, regardless of location.


Bitnamic was founded in 2015 by two fellow students Rolf Behrens and Alexei Kolesnikow as a spin-off from a research project of Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences with the aircraft manufacturer Airbus. Within a few years, the former start-up grew into a technology company with national as well as international customers and partners.

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bitnamic CONNECT

The all-round solution for location-independent service in industry

Ready for the next level of digital service with just one solution: bitnamic CONNECT includes all essential functions and modules to efficiently meet daily challenges in maintenance and service.


Based on three pillars, the individual modules can be flexibly combined. This means you always have a specifically adapted multitool at hand that is tailored to your individual requirements and needs.


Augmented Reality in the industry 

bitnamic CONNECT on data glasses

Augmented reality offers the opportunity to decisively optimize maintenance and servicing processes in industry. For this reason, bitnamic CONNECT was designed so that the solution can also be used in combination with augmented reality as well as mixed reality data glasses - such as models from RealWear and Vuzix or the Microsoft HoloLens.


Data glasses, also known as smartglasses, display context-relevant information directly in the user's field of vision. This eliminates the need to look at a smartphone or tablet, leaving both hands free to work on machines or systems.


The most important advantages of bitnamic CONNECT at a glance:

  • Device-independent and ready to use in a few seconds

  • Usable in the (mobile) browser, no app download necessary

  • Intuitive to use

  • Hosted in Germany

  • DSGVO-compliant

  • Can be integrated into existing systems


With bitnamic CONNECT


✓ shortens downtime,

✓ reduces travel costs,

✓ strengthens customer loyalty,

✓ improves the CO2 balance,

✓ provides expert knowledge, and

✓ promotes the know-how of your customers and employees.

Selected customers

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