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Data Analytics

Alois-Senefelder-Allee 1

86153 Augsburg


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Stephan Müller

Stephan Müller



The Team

Since its founding in early 2021, Possehl Analytics has successfully supported small and
medium-sized industrial companies to develop and implement profitable data-driven business models.

In doing so, customers benefit not only from the technical know-how of the team, but also from its many years of experience in plant engineering. Possehl Analytics thus advises at eye level from the initial idea to the proof of concept to pricing and the necessary change processes.

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Analytics Tool Suite

individual data analysis platform

In order to be able to offer an all-round service in the area of digitization, the team around founder Manuel Kosok has developed a modular software kit. Under the name ANTS (Analytics Tool Suite), machine builders or production companies can create an individual data analysis platform in no time at all.

This customized software helps to avoid unplanned downtimes and to increase the performance and effectiveness of production equipment.


Wireframes are a foundational design element that bring your digital vision to life. They allow you to translate your ideas into a visual representation before diving into actual development. This is an important step in ensuring you achieve your goals and delight your customers. Wireframes are an inexpensive and effective way to save time and money by testing and improving your ideas before you invest in development. By using them, you can optimize your user experience, improve the navigation of your solution, and make sure you include all the important elements. We can help you flesh out your ideas and improve your digital presence, whether you're launching a digital solution or optimizing an existing one.


To guarantee a perfect user experience, a step-by-step approach must be taken. The goal is to explore, develop, and subsequently implement a data-driven business model in order to generate significant revenues. We recommend an iterative approach according to the golden rule of "Lean Start-Up", which has proven to be the gold standard for the development of digital products and services. This is based on regular evaluations of the last steps with the management level in order to determine the next steps and - if necessary - adapt the plan in an agile manner. We thrive on constantly adapting development processes to achieve the best possible outcome for you, our customer, and the subsequent users.


An interactive prototype allows companies to visually represent their ideas and gather feedback from users before investing in actual development. With an Interactive Prototype, customers can experience the user interface of their future solution before it is even programmed. It's a powerful tool for testing and optimizing user experience design because it allows customers and designers to visualize and simulate the user experience. This allows you to identify potential problems and make corrections before incurring high costs for later changes.


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