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Possehl Secure



Gut Maarhausen

Eiler Str. 3N

51107 Köln


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Christian Ehlen

Michael Gentzen

Michael Sieben

Possehl Secure is a consulting firm based in Gut Maarhausen in Cologne, Germany, that works exclusively on the topic of IT security. Together with our customers and partners, we develop solutions for complex IT security challenges and create individual concepts for security architectures. This includes consulting, implementation and operation. For more than 15 years we have been working in a steadily growing industry, our customer segment covers German medium-sized businesses. IT security must be possible for every company and that is our goal.


To protect your company, we are guided by the NIST framework, which we fill with life for you and offer you the right solution. Our products and services make digital, mobile and flexible working secure and increase the productivity and efficiency of employees and companies - at a manageable cost for IT. 


We advise you from start to finish. Through a precise analysis of the business requirement to risk analysis and assessment to the resulting action plan to eliminate the risks. Through our as a service offerings such as IDM, NOC and SOC, among others, you get access to expert knowledge around the clock.  We protect you from cyberattacks with threat intelligence and through proactive detection and proven security incident response.



Our experts check your company for vulnerabilities. Partly with the same tools, tactics and procedures as real attackers, partly by means of strategic auditing and consulting. Based on our many years of experience and expertise in the areas of offensive and defensive security, we offer you tailored recommendations and solutions for identifying and minimizing your attack surface.


We have been designing, integrating and operating security architectures for our customers for over 15 years. From secure design of LAN, WLAN and cloud environments to zero-trust architectures and identity and access management: we offer secure, modern and integrative solutions that fit your requirements perfectly.


Prevention is desirable, detection is a must. There is no 100% security, people make mistakes, technology is error-prone. Using an "Assume Breach" approach, we advise you in the area of detection and monitoring measures. Within our NOCs and SOCs, critical events are continuously collected and evaluated, checked for risks and countermeasures are initiated. Our early warning systems provide you with a digital immune system for your company and give your IT experts the time they need to concentrate on their core tasks.


In an emergency, proven steps must be taken. Is the attacker still on our network? How can more damage be contained? What data needs to be collected for further analysis? We support your organization with our expertise in answering these questions. The basis for efficient work is the telemetry data collected in the NOC and SOC and jointly defined processes.


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