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Possehl Online Solutions


B2B E-Commerce

Alois-Senefelder-Allee 1

86153 Augsburg


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CEO & Co-Founder

Alexander Wachter

Possehl Online Solutions GmbH, based in Augsburg, is a company of L. Possehl & Co. mbH from Lübeck founded in December 2020. The company offers e-commerce solutions as software-as-a-service primarily for customers in mechanical and plant engineering and related industries. They support their customers with their many years of expertise in all phases of e-commerce.

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E-commerce system for the mechanical and plant engineering industry

With the Brand-Shop, Possehl Online Solutions has specialized the e-commerce system for machine and plant construction based on its own developed platform. If required, the Brand-Shop can be effortlessly extended to become the company's own marketplace. The most important features include RfQ tool, multi-instance capability for additional companies, multi-shopping carts, connection of key accounts, intelligent interface management, PSP integration, single sign-on or a suitable role and rights management.

Selected customers

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