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Low Code Plattform

Nürnberger Str. 47A

97076 Würzburg


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The software manufacturer develops and operates the low-code platform Simplifier, enabling companies to digitize business processes efficiently and sustainably. Users can also create device- and operating system-independent business and IoT applications in a configurable manner and thus without a great deal of programming effort. Existing system landscapes, machines and plants can be integrated seamlessly.

In addition to the technology, Simplifier methodically supports its customers in successfully implementing the low-code strategy. The company serves a large number of customers from medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprises and international companies such as SAERTEX, Alnatura and Brückner Maschinenbau, AGRANA, Rolls-Royce Power Systems and REWE. Based on years of experience, Simplifier offers its customers an exclusive combination of unique low-code technology and best practices that simplify and optimize the creation of business-critical applications, workflows and automations. Simplifier is in constant dialogue with its customers and continues to develop its future-proof platform in a customer and market-oriented manner.

Together with its shareholders PwC and Possehl, Simplifier is securing its strong market position and further expanding its role as a leading low-code provider in Europe. In cooperation with a steadily growing partner network, Simplifier supports companies worldwide.

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The headquarters in the university town of Würzburg enables us to optimally serve customers and partners from the DACH region and ensures the growth of ambitious young talent. Our dedicated team of geeks, nerds and experienced experts stands for innovation, disruption and creativity. Flat hierarchies, an agile mindset and strong team cohesion are what set us apart. The cooperation is characterized by trust, loyalty, respect and mutual appreciation. Our approach is always customer-oriented, quality-conscious and professional. To this day, we live the spirit of a startup and revolutionize the way people interact with software.


Selected customers

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Possehl_Digital_simplifier_1 – 36.png
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Possehl_Digital_simplifier_1 – 38.png
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Possehl_Digital_simplifier_1 – 9.png
Possehl_Digital_simplifier_1 – 14.png
Possehl_Digital_simplifier_1 – 19.png
Possehl_Digital_simplifier_1 – 24.png
Possehl_Digital_simplifier_1 – 29.png
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